Circu Soul Yoga – “Hanging Upside Down with CircuSoul Yoga”

CircuSoulIf you think the hammocks at CircuSoul Yoga will give you the opportunity to stretch out, legs crossed at the ankles, straw in your mouth, swinging lightly with the breeze, think again. “Stretch” is the only activity you will be doing, if Kerry Tice has his way. It won’t be easy.

“A lot of times we’re doing what I call ‘sneaky core’ because it is hidden in the poses,” says Kerry, owner/creator of CircuSoul Yoga, 4141 S. Tamiami Trail, 34231. “The poses are fun; the movements are fun. You don’t even notice that you’re working so hard. You’re getting toned and more flexible as well.”

Kerry designs and fabricates the aerial hammocks and they can be purchased online on Etsy, Amazon, EBay, and

People need to work out and maintain their bodies, and “boring” isn’t part of that equation, Kerry says. “I think one of the things people are lacking in our culture is the fun factor. What’s really cool is, when you get in the yoga hammock and you’re going upside down, it starts changing the pathways in your body and your brain. You start having more balance and coordination. One of the hidden benefits that people don’t notice when doing aerial yoga, is that we almost always have to stabilize our core. Aerial yoga allows people to do a lot of poses with more ease and a lot less stress to the body.”

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