Chicken Kitchen – Healthy Fast Casual Food Comes to UTC

chicken-kitchen-opensWho says fast food can’t be healthy? The folks at Chicken Kitchen happily challenge that sigma with their selections of free-ranged, hormone-free, anti-biotic-free, chicken, done right, done slow, and done with flair. The new franchise opened near the new University Town Center Mall.  Firefighters, teachers and emt workers receive 10 percent off.

“It’s a simple concept,” says co-owner Gris Bettle. “We’re not flame-broiled. They’re chicken breasts that are lemon-based marinated overnight. They take one hour to cook on our massive grill.”

Patrons view a bit of theater watching four chopping stations, where workers remove fresh chicken off the grill, slice it in half, then chop into cubes. They serve it over yellow or brown rice, vegetarian black beans, or in a wrap. Dark meat lovers can take a chance on the chicken marinated and baked in teriyaki sauce. Add a made-from-scratch special recipe sauce, such as the signature mustard curry sauce. Or, try garlic cilantro, vinaigrette, bbq, chipotle lime, or more. Accompany the chicken with greens from an extensive salad bar, and enjoy a meal for a little over $5.

Bettle’s favorite part: No freezer; no microwaves; no fryers.  And, no leftovers for the next day.

“We’re not a taco joint, but we do have guacamole. We’re not oriental but we have oriental flavor. The best way to describe it: really well-done chicken,” says Bettle.

Find Chicken Kitchen in the Fresh Market Plaza, on University, near Honore. Or visit;   Facebook Chicken Kitchen/CKTB; and (941) 545-4384.