Red Tiger Martial Arts Announces Their Annual Tournament

red-tiger-maRed Tiger Martial Arts in Sarasota is hosting its seventh annual Grand Prix tournament on Oct. 18 at the Venice Community Center on Nokomis Ave. The event will feature competitive martial arts and demonstrations in a variety of categories, from full-contact sparring matches to board breaking.

“(The Grand Prix will feature) the breaking of the boards and weapons. We have the nunchuks, the swords, the staff, and of course we do sparring, which is the Olympic-style sparring,” says Starry Jhoun, the owner of Red Tiger. “We also have something called 5-on-5 sparring, which is like team sparring.”

The tournament will also feature martial arts forms, where competitors will perform taekwondo poomsae in front of judges. Their technique and proficiency will be judged on a point scale, with the winners being crowned based on the judging average.

Around 400 martial artists are expected to compete in one or more categories. The Grand Prix VII tournament is open to the public, and spectators can come and watch at no charge. Those who wish to participate should visit to sign up before the registration deadline on Oct. 15.

Red Tiger Martial Arts teaches traditional ancient martial arts with modern twists, including classes that focus on street self defense and anti-bullying. The school specializes in Taekwondo, but has expanded to offer other styles, including jujitsu.

“We also have adult fitness classes,” says Jhoun. “We have (Insanity workout) classes here, and we’re probably going to continue adding different classes as we continue to grow.”

Most of Red Tiger’s classes are held at their new facility at 4851 Ashton Rd in Sarasota. For more information on the specifics, visit their website at or call 941-922-2530.